Plectone® Double-Pulse™ guitar pick.

Create richer, fuller, and brighter tones on your acoustic guitar with the Plectone® Double-Pulse™ guitar pick. Our concept gives each of the two individual picks in our design the freedom to move and pivot independently to produce an amazing double-pulse tremolo sound.

The Plectone's flexible internal structure allows you to change (on the fly) the distance between the attack points of the picks by shifting your grip force slightly. Experimenting with the Plectone is really fun. You will love the rich texture and volume it adds to your guitar sound!


These make guitar sound so much more Amazing, almost gives my 6 string Martin a sound of a 12 string. A great gift for any guitar player.

Johnny S (facebook comment)

These are legit. Got one and dig it. Adds a ton of fullness to the rhythm guitar and isn't as hard to hit single string as you'd think if you angle the pick a lil further 👌

Joe V (facebook comment)

I have them an I use them with my 12 string guitar 🎸 love them ❤️!!!!

George G (facebook comment)

I got two of these(thin and medium) and they are really cool! Fattens up your sound quite a bit. Easier than I thought it would be to pick one string at a time....

Chuck P (facebook comment)

Ok I got my Plec in the mail today and I love it. Not something to use on all styles, but it definitely fills up the sound on acoustic rhythm guitar.

Pete R (facebook comment)