Produces a bright, full, rich sound.


These make guitar sound so much more Amazing, almost gives my 6 string Martin a sound of a 12 string. A great gift for any guitar player.

Johnny S (facebook comment)

These are legit. Got one and dig it. Adds a ton of fullness to the rhythm guitar and isn't as hard to hit single string as you'd think if you angle the pick a lil further 👌

Joe V (facebook comment)

I have them an I use them with my 12 string guitar 🎸 love them ❤️!!!!

George G (facebook comment)

I got two of these(thin and medium) and they are really cool! Fattens up your sound quite a bit. Easier than I thought it would be to pick one string at a time....

Chuck P (facebook comment)

Ok I got my Plec in the mail today and I love it. Not something to use on all styles, but it definitely fills up the sound on acoustic rhythm guitar.

Pete R (facebook comment)

* US Pat. No. 8,872,008, Patent Pending: EU, Canada